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Mark Brown WriterMark Brown is a writer. Before that he was an actor. Before that he was a dancer. Before that he was a runner and a soccer player. At various points in his life, Mark has wanted to grow up to be Walt Disney, Rod Stewart, Franz Beckenbauer, Bruce Springsteen, Johnny Whitacker in Sigmund and the Sea Monsters, Valeriy Borzof and Hugh Hefner. In the eighth grade Mark was ranked fifth in the state of NJ in the 440-yard sprint. (Back then it was measured in yards, not meters. And measured in the snow. Uphill. Both ways). He missed breaking the school record in the 440 by 0.1 second and is still miserable about it. As a sophomore in high school, Mark won a gold medal at the Penn Relays in the 4 x 440 relay, then promptly gave up track for a life in the theatre. Mark was also the only sophomore to make the varsity soccer team and was eventually courted by Washington College and Appalachian State University (10th in the nation at the time). He went to Appalachian SU but chucked a life of sports for theatre and ham biscuits.


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