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Deep Into That Darkness Peering


The Nutshell

Edgar Allen Poe must solve a mysterious cryptogram to discover who is trying to kill him. Deep Into That Darkness Peering, a one-man show I co-wrote with Mark Rector.

The Backstory

 I wrote this show years ago with my friend Mark Rector. We took some of Poe’s stories and letters and wove them together into one giant Poe story. Mark and I explored the mystery of Poe’s death and this show is about the final two hours of his life. One-man shows are hard to sell. Despite the low cost of only needing to pay one actor, audiences tend to want to see at least two people on stage. That said, this show contains some of Poe’s best work, is full of mystery, and a nifty surprise ending, if I must say so myself.

It’s not published but just ask and Mark and I will send the script to you.

Painting by Gerson Watanuki 

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