Tom Jones The Musical

The Nutshell: Inspired by the 1960s British Pop Invasion, Tom Jones – The Musical is a bawdy and rollicking romp through the back roads and bedchambers of England, where aristocrats, wenches and scalawags abound.

 The Backstory: A few years ago I was commissioned to adapt Henry Fielding’s novel Tom Jones into a musical. I was determined to work with my good friend, Paul Mirkovich, who collaborated with me on China the Whole Enchilada. Because of his scheduled with The Voice (He’s the musical director) it has taken years for us to get together. But now the music is coming to life and the show is nearly ready for its world premiere.

The Trivia: I agreed to making this Tom Jones into a musical before I had read the book. Man the book is long. After I wrote the book for the novel I sat on it for a long time while I waited for Paul to have free time to work on the music. For a while it looked like he wasn’t going to be able to work on the project but I held out. I ended up writing about 15 songs. And while I was waiting, I turned the musical’s book and the lyrics into a straight play, which had a fantastic world premiere. All of the music for the musical is inspired by the 1960s British Pop invasion. Think The Beatles, Herman’s Hermits, the Dave Clark Five, and the Animals.

You can buy the straight play script here.

The Music: Here are some of the demo songs.