The Other F Word Podcast

Earlier this month a friend of mind called me to ask if I would be willing to come on the relatively new podcast she was producing. I said, “Sure. What’s the name of the podcast?”

The Other F Word.

I immediately thought “flatulence” and agreed I would be perfect for it.

She then said, “It’s about failure.”

Okay, so it wasn’t flatulence. Bummer. But failure? (Actually, the preceding sentence should be the episode title for flatulence.)

Failure? I’m perfect to talk about failure? Um…why yes. Yes I am. I know the subject very well.

The Other F Word isn’t merely a podcast about how we have failed. It’s about how we pick ourselves back up after failure. As the show describes itself: “Failure. We’re going there and laying it bare. Join us in our conversations about the messy, tragic, funny, inspiring stories that make us human.”

The Other F Word Podcast

Mental Illness and Failure

What my friend wanted me to address was what it’s like for me living with mental illness and how I deal with failure. She knows I’m very outspoken about my battle with mental illness and thought it would be a good subject. I agreed.

I had a great time doing the podcast. It was very laid back and I loved it. Hosts Sara Singer Schiff, Melissa Brohner-Schneider and Morgan Simpson couldn’t have been lovelier. Well, they could have had some more baked goods but I quibble. And they’re a good mix of occupations: journalist, licensed therapist and writer/filmmaker. It’s a really well rounded group of hosts.

So if you want to listen to me talk about mental illness and failure (And frankly, who doesn’t?), give a listen to The Other F Word. And while you’re there, listen to the other episodes. It’s a wonderfully uplifting podcast.

Here’s the Info About My Episode

“We dedicate our newest episode to Carrie Fisher, who bravely spoke out about mental illness, a taboo topic that is more common than we think. In this interview, award-winning playwright Mark Brown talks frankly about depression and a failed suicide attempt.”


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