Tom Jones The Musical Demo Sessions

I just got back from NYC, where I spent three days in Mirrortone Studios recording demos for my musical Tom Jones The Musical (Clever title, huh?). We had a blast.

I called up a bunch of my friends and asked if they would come in and record a song or two. I was shooting for a “concert” version of the musical, where the songs are sung by different people. They all said yes. I think it was the lure of free food that brought them in. So armed with the backing tracks my friend Paul Mirkovich and I had done here in LA, I set out for NYC.

Tom Jones the MusicalMe and One Take Veronica Lake

Not only did the sessions go really well but it was really wonderful to see old friends (some I hadn’t seen in years) and make some new friends.

Kerry Butler and Dan DeLuca

First up was the song “About You.” It’s a little love song between the two lovers, Tom Jones and Sophie Western. (I changed her name from Sophia to Sophie, purely for rhyming reasons. Sue me).

Tom Jones the MusicalMe and my old friend Kerry Butler

My friend Kerry Butler came in to sing it. Kerry and I met nearly 20-years ago, when she sublet my apartment in LA. We hit it off and have been friends ever since. Kerry is about as sweet as they come. It’s nearly impossible to find someone nicer than her. And she’s the Queen of Broadway. She’s had leading roles in Disaster; The Best Man; Catch Me If You Can; Rock of Ages; Little Shop of Horrors; Xanadu; Hairspray and Beauty and the Beast. Obviously she’s a hack.

We started at 10:00. Kerry came in and was One Take Veronica Lake. I shouldn’t have been shocked but I was. I had her do it a few times just so we had a few takes to pull from but we honestly had it on the first take. We spent more time talking than we did recording. She was out by 11:00 and didn’t take any free food. And she calls herself an actress. Everyone knows actors take the free food.

Tom Jones the MusicalMe trying to act like I know what I’m doing with Dan.

Dan DeLuca was introduced to me by my friend John Brady. Dan is handsome, talented and nicer than nice. I hate him. He was in Newsies and is currently in Thoroughly Modern Millie at the Godspeed Opera House. Trust me, you’re going to hear a lot about this guy.

Dan came in later in the day and was bummed he missed Kerry. His high school theatre self was giddy to be singing with Kerry. Dan also nailed it on the first take. We did a couple of takes and each one was better than the previous one.

A video of the recording session will be coming out soon and through the magic of editing it’ll look like they’re recording at the same time.

 Tom Jones – The Musical

Here’s a brief synopsis of the show and what I’m doing with it.

In this thrilling adventure of the heart, Tom Jones, a charming young man of questionable birth and the ward of Squire Allworthy, is madly in love with Sophie Western and she with him. But when Sophie’s father arranges for her to marry Squire Allworthy’s loathsome and devious nephew, Blifil, she swears her undying love to Tom and flees for her life. Tom goes in search of Sophie, but hot on his heels are Sophie’s father, Sophie’s aunt, Squire Allworthy and Blifil, who are all in search of Sophie as well.

Tom Jones the MusicalDan tearing it up.

Set against this madcap story is music inspired by that frenzied mop-top-led era of music of the 1960s known as the British Invasion. Think The Beatles, Herman’s Hermits, the Dave Clark Five, the Hollies, the Animals, Petula Clark, Dusty Springfield and of course—Tom Jones. It was a time of catchy, top-of-the-pop-chart songs that had everyone from London to New York City hitting the dance floor to do the Jerk, the Pony, the Shimmy and the Mashed Potato. Aristocrats, wenches and scalawags abound in this bawdy and rollicking romp through the back roads and bedchambers of England.

The Kindness of Friends

Not only did my friends take time to come in and sing but the generosity of friends helped me pay for this recording. I did a GoFundMe campaign and nearly raised the entire budget. It’s not too late to donate a bit to help me pay for the whole thing. (Cough cough). Here’s the link.

About You

Here’s the song. I hope you like it.



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