Tom Jones the Musical Demo Sessions

Earlier this month I was in NYC to record demos for my new musical Tom Jones the Musical. We were in the studio for three days. Two days of recording and one day of mixing. Last week I wrote a series of posts about the songs we recorded on the first day. Here’s the first post about the songs we recorded on the second day.

Tom Jones the Musical

I Wanna Go Home

The song “I Wanna Go Home” happens at the top of the second act. Tom Jones has been banished from his town and finds himself alone on the country roads of England, not knowing where he’s going and desperately missing his love, Sophie Western. Now that scene may scream for a lonesome ballad but it’s the top of the second act and you need an upbeat song to start the act. So why not have Tom sing a poppy uptempo song with a bunch of backup singers? Nothing says lonely more than a catchy pop tune.

Adam Kaplan

Tom Jones the MusicalThe handsome Adam Kaplan

Adam Kaplan came in and sang two songs: “I Wanna Go Home” and “London Town.” We sort of tortured Adam. The original key for the song sent the upper notes into the stratosphere (that’s what happens when you work with a freak of nature like Paul Mirkovich, who has a mind-bloggling singing range). We ended up bringing the key down a step so we wouldn’t shred Adam’s voice. I have two words for Adam’s performance: Awe. Some.

Anissa Felix

The lovely and talented Anissa Felix came back a second day to do some backup vocal work. I love her. Love. Her.

Tom Jones the MusicalMarcus Choi, Cullen Titmas, Idiot, Anissa Felix, Danielle Erin Rhodes

Danielle Erin Rhodes

My friend Danielle Erin Rhodes came in on this day to do some backup vocals and various lines here and there. I met her a few years ago at Florida Rep Theatre in Fort Myers, FL. I was there to see one of my shows and do a few Q&As with audiences. Danielle was doing the show Fascinatin’ Gershwin, a musical review of – can you guess? – Gershwin songs. She killed in the show. Erin is an amazing singer and a very funny person. It was great to have her in the studio.

The Song

Here’s “I Wanna Go Home.” I hope you like it.






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    Betty and I are Inpressed! Thanks for sharing.

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